Here is a Sneak Peek at our 2017 Gifts!

Here is a Sneak Peek at the Regional Sport Gifts!


A Variety of Gifts

  • More Than 250 items to choose from
  • Gifts are priced from $.35 to $14

Quality Risk-Free Products

  • You pay for only what you sell
  • No inventory (you do not count the product)
  • All items are coded which makes using your provided programmed cash register easy for your volunteers.
  • Free shipping and return shipping on all product.
  • Payment isn’t due until after you finish sale.
  • Reorders are shipped free during your program.
  • You can even reorder before program begins.

Promotional Materials

  • Colored letters for each student.
  • Promotional guide that features step by step training for sponsor and volunteers.
  • Shopping list envelope for each student.
  • Gift and take home bags.
  • School posters.
  • Tablecloths for program.
  • Bonuses discussed by phoning 1-800-223-7058.

Call or E-mail today

(817) 473-2889 Home Office

(800) 223-7058 Toll Free

(817) 473-2971 Fax

(817) 477-4144 Metro